Province of South Wales  ~  Bridgend Masonic Centre

2012 ~ Bridgend Regalia Exchange ~ 2018

Inaugurated 2012 by

W Bro Sylvester Crowley W Bro Hugh Thomas PGStdB W Bro Phillip Aubrey PAGDC
Llangeinor Lodge 4194 Llangeinor Lodge 4194 Ogmore Lodge 1752

Please take note:


In consequence of W Bros Hugh Thomas PGStdB and Phillip Aubrey PAGDC being appointed to demanding senior posts in our Province and some personal changes in my situation we have to pass this Regalia Exchange to new management.


We shall continue our activities recycling the donated stocks.

It would seem from our turnover during these last years that the Exchange has served its purpose and are delighted to hand over to an interested Brother who is keen to see these endeavours continue.

W Bros Jan & Paul Deenik of Bridgend have
 volunteered their services

Mail Link to Bros Jan & Paul

For myself, and on behalf of Hugh and Phillip I offer a very big 'thank you' to all our Donors and to all our Clients who range from local brethren to Freemason in so many other countries.

Sylvester Crowley


Our Aims and Origins

This service was set up following discussions about the escalating cost of regalia and the reduction in quality of some items.  Following on from this was the realisation of how much unwanted regalia was to be found in our homes.  Unwanted now because of promotions or because the wearer had passed to that Grand Lodge above.  Further discussions with Masons and their families proved that there was a real need for sympathetic re-cycling of personal belongings. 

Most people have no idea of how to dispose of Masonic regalia and clothing
 and are loath to discard such things into the general rubbish.

The Regalia Bank was inaugurated with several donations of Craft and Royal Arch items from a very grateful lady whose husband had been a most respected Freemason.  She was delighted to be able to pass his things back into the Fraternity for use by other Brethren.  Prior to this her only very sad alternative seemed to be the bottom of the wardrobe or the rubbish dump.  We will accept any regalia of any kind from any Order.  We will accept also good serviceable clothing such as dinner suits and morning suits.  Condition of regalia is unimportant.  If the material is badly damaged in places this is offset by the possibility of parts being used to repair damaged regalia.

Donated items are checked, photographed and catalogued.  This web site is updated frequently and details are posted as well on the Hall notice boards.  Some of the older memorabilia is also offered to the wider Masonic world using eBay.  If you see an error in description do please let us know.

These items are not "sold" as such but are offered at a suggested figure.  
The inability to afford this is no bar to a Brother making an offer 
within the limits of his personal circumstances.  
Such offers  will remain, for ever, confidential.

The net proceeds of all disposals are allocated to improve the social amenities of our Hall.  This therefore helps everyone, Masons, their ladies and visitors, to enjoy their Masonic and social experience in pleasant surroundings and in comfort.  We are also free to make donations to local charitable causes that we consider deserving.

The administration officers of all our Orders are invited to make a mention of this Regalia Exchange on their Summons and on notes with Almoners who may well be asked about regalia disposal.  The Web Address is :





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